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This Total Body ‘Gym in a Bag’ Can Give You Amazing Results From Home


by Eric Wall


Tuesday, February 2, 2020


Did you know using resistance bands is the smarter, safer way to build strength and lose weight? At first glance, this simple and easy to use piece of equipment may not seem like much but if used correctly, it packs a serious punch and can deliver the same results as going to a gym. 

People often associate these bands with physical therapists for rehabilitation after an injury. But in the past few years, they’ve become recognized as an essential piece of equipment by elite athletes in the NFL, NBA, NHL, UFC, and professional bodybuilders all over the world to develop strength, power, speed, increase muscle size, and burn fat.


In this article, I’m going to explain 4 amazing benefits of using resistance bands as your main exercise tool. These benefits are:

  1. Functional strength 
  2. Joint protection 
  3. Increased strength and faster weight-loss 
  4. Portability and cost-effectiveness

Why Functional Strength Is Important

Gaining functional strength will help you improve your daily life by strengthening key muscles which will prepare them for everyday, real-life activities. It consists of repeated motion against resistance to engage all the muscles required to do a specific task.


The bands in Home Gym Pro anchors to any point, including a door or pillar. So you can train against resistance in any direction with constant tension which will keep your body engaged, but it will not be in a position of too much tension. This is different from using free weights, where resistance is only against gravity in one direction, which can often be dangerous to inexperienced weightlifters.

By engaging more muscle groups and working to build your functional strength consistently, you will reduce the risk of injury or falls, improve balance, agility, make everyday tasks easier and enjoy a higher quality of life.

What is Linear Resistance and How Can It Help Protect Your Joints?

Linear resistance is the gradual increase of weight as you progress through any resistance based motion. You may have noticed that the starting point to lifting anything heavy is always the most difficult part. This is because the human body is weaker when your muscles are fully extended. This is also how many injuries happen because there is too much tension being put on your joints, which is never a good thing, trust me.


With Home Gym Pro, the resistance intensifies with you as you progress through the move from beginning to end. This allows you to rapidly strengthen your muscles without the unnecessary risk of joint or muscle injuries.

Target Your Fast-Twitch Fibers for Stronger Muscles and Faster Weight Loss

Your body has 2 main types of skeletal muscle fibers: slow-twitch and fast-twitch. Slow-twitch muscles help with longer-endurance activities such as distance rowing or cycling. Fast-twitch muscles help with shorter powerful movements like lifting. 

Your fast-twitch muscles will tire more easily, but exercises that engage this group will burn more energy (calories and fat) in a much quicker fashion. 

Fast-twitch muscles are responsible for increased muscle size and strength. This allows you to run faster, jump higher and improve balance, but also has the added benefit of lowering your blood pressure.


Home Gym Pro allows you to target these fast-twitch muscles more effectively and efficiently through explosive training. 

By doing explosive moves with Home Gym Pro, the resistance is constant allowing you to target fast-twitch muscle fibers more effectively.

Home Gym Pro – Your ‘Gym in a Bag’ is By Far The Best Option!

The best aspect of the Home Gym Pro is its portability. 5 bands, 2 handles, 2 ankle straps, and a door-stop all fit into one bag. You can set it up anywhere in your home, office, or garage. Take it with you when traveling, or even bring it to the beach. Wherever you need to get a workout, Home Gym Pro delivers without fail.

Home Gym Pro’s 5-band combination has 10-100 pounds of resistance. It provides the same coverage as an entire rack of free weights without the necessary storage space, expensive cost, or risk of injury.


Home Gym Pro is the most versatile and cost-effective option for your "gym-in-a-bag." Take advantage of this 70% Discount and achieve the exact same results from the comfort of your own home that others pay expensive, monthly gym membership fees for. There's no excuse NOT to be the BEST version of yourself!

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